TrustBuddy is a web-based community where buddies can meet to lend and borrow money between each other. TrustBuddy has specialised in making life simpler for lenders or borrowers. Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to become a member of TrustBuddy and the entire concept is based on fast, secure transactions between buddies.

We know that many of us get into situations in which we need EUR 100 – 1,000 quickly, without having it to hand at the time. TrustBuddy is a great way to meet that need and to give other members the chance to earn a little extra pocket money from cash they have saved but do not need right now.

All borrowers are credit-checked before any loans are granted, to reduce the risk of default.

Stakes from lenders are secured by spreading the amount lent to borrowers between a large number of different lenders.

TrustBuddy collaborates with a debt collection agency to secure repayments from each borrower.